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This page is a dedication to all Choctaws
My Ancestors date way back to the indian removal.
As far back as I could go was to my 3rd Great Grandfather on My Choctaw side.

Henry Jefferson ( Choctaw Name - Hontubby, Hontubbie)
The oldest record of him was the Civil War
Henry Jefferson was 24 When he entered the Confederate Army On June 22, 1861
He was a Private  in "G" Company 1st Choctaw & Chicksaw Mounted Rifles.

The next record that was found with Henry Jefferson was in 1868
The Census of Sugar Loaf County, again in 1874, 1885, and again in 1896 noted in the 1896 census
Shows Family Members as:
(My Great -G -G Grandfather)Henry Jefferson - Full Blood, age 60 male Married, Speaks English, Yes
( Henrys Wife)Sarah Jefferson - Full Blood, age 56 female Married Speaks English, Yes
Sissie Jefferson - Full Blood, age 17 female Single Speaks English, No
(Henrys Son) Israel Jefferson - Full Blood, age 38 Male Married Speaks English, Yes
Rosie Ann Jefferson - Half Blood, age 13 female Single Speaks English, Yes
(Henrys Son)(My Great -Great GrandFather) Josiah Jefferson - Full Blood, age 28 male Married, speaks English, No
(Wife Of Josiah)Siss Jefferson - Full Blood, age 21 female Married, Speaks English, No
(Josiahs Daughter)Zonie Jefferson - Full Blood, age 3 female single Speaks English, No
(Josiahs Daughter)(My Great Grandmother) Atner Jefferson (Edna) - Full Blood, age 8 mo female single, Speaks English No
(Henrys Son)Charley Jefferson - Full Blood, age 19 male Married, Speaks English, Yes
Izora Hill - Half Blood, age 28 female married, Speaks English, Yes

Henry Jefferson does not appear in the 1899 census, it appears that  he passed away between 1897-1898
Josiah Jefferson, son of Henry Jefferson, stated in the 1900 Census that his Choctaw name was "Joe Hontubbie"

There is a small community 5 miles South of  Heavener Oklahoma, called Hontubby
The name came from my Ancestors Henry Hontubby (Hontubbie)
Hontubby translates to "wait and kill" in Choctaw.


Special thanks goes to
My 2nd Cousin on my Choctaw Side Gary Roop, 
He did alot of the research and to His Cousin B.O. Roop
Who also did alot of the research.
Without you I would have never gotten this far.

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