This page was made for My Sister
Summer who is now expecting her
2nd Child,
This is her first child with her husband Mark
They have been trying to have a baby for the
last 8 years,
They have 3 children all together,
Mark has 2 boys from a previous Marriage,
But my Sister still considers them HER BOYS.
I am hoping for a Girl, I only have
1 niece on my side
and 1 niece on my husbands side
So we really want another girl


For Baby Grammer
We don't know yet if your a Boy Or Girl
If your a Boy Your Name will be
Levi Seth Grammer

If Your a Girl Your name will be
Jessica Jewel Grammer
You will be named after both your Grandmothers
I tried to talk your momma into sticking my middle name in there
but it didn't work :(
Oh well you have a special name anyway.

Heres Your First Picture
8 weeks old in your mommas tummy



20 Weeks in Mommas Tummy


Its A Boy!!!!!
Levi Seth Grammer






Here are your Brothers
James, Allen, & Cody
If they ever pick on you to much,
You just let me know!!!!



6 lbs 8oz
19 Inches Long


Levi & Momma


Levi & Daddy

Levi & Auntie Stacey

Levi 1 Day Old

Summer is feeling much better and believe me
she looks alot better!!!

Doesn't he Look Like an Angel



Baby Shower Pictures | My First Thanksgiving


Made with Love From Your Auntie Stacey
Sqaw Creations