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A Sister is one of the most Precious people in the story
of your life.
Together you have shared some of the most special moments two people have ever shared.
A Sister is a Perspective on the past , and she is a million favorite memories of the past   that will always last .
A Sister is a photograph that is one of your most treasured possessions , She is a note that arrives on a special day, and when there is news to share she is the first one   you want to call.
A sister is a reminder of the blessings that come from closeness,
A Sister is a Confident and a Counselor, She is a Dear, and a Wonderful Friend, and in certain was something like a twin, She is a hand within your hand she is often the only one who understands
What is a Sister?
She is someone more Special than words, Someone Beautiful and Unique, and in so many ways, there is no one who is Loved so Dearly.

Written by: Stephenie Morrison
To Her 3 Sisters

Stacey, Sherene & Summer


Sqaw Creations 2003, 2004, 2005

Artwork by : Jim Warren  Midi : Never Say Goodbye  By: Bon Jovi
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