This Candle Burns For My Sweet Sister

The Poem Below was written by a very dear Lady
Who had lost her Son Lee
Please visit her site, Her link is below
Thank you so much Sue-Anne for remembering my sister


Our ANGEL Our Stephenie

Another Anniversary passes again
No nothing will ever be like it was
No nothing will ever be the same

Ever since you have left us all
We all feel nothing but pain
Our eyes always full of water
When opened up, like a shower of rain

We have to believe you watch over us
And that you are always by our sides
When we feel lost, you are there
There to be our guides

We Love You Stephenie Our ANGEL
Until we meet again, then it will be forever
But until we do
We will never stop loving you "NEVER"

Written for Stacey, Family, and ANGEL Stephenie
Written By
Sue-Anne Aguilera~~~Lee'sMom


Thank You Sue-Anne


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